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Welcome Kim Tran, R.Ac!

As most of you know, I will be going on maternity leave at the end of the week. I have arranged for my good friend and colleague Kim Tran to take over treatments while I’m gone. Kim and I met at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied under the same teachers. We have similar training and I am confident that she will take good care of my patients while I am away.

Kim has  been coming in to the clinic over the past few weeks to job shadow and see how I do things. Some of you may have met her already. If not, you will meet her in just a few short days as her official start date at the clinic is Friday September 23.

Kim’s hours at the clinic will be:

Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday 10am-7pm

Friday 10am-7pm

Appointments can be made via our online schedule at www.besthealthacupuncture.com or by calling reception at 905.553.9255

To learn more about Kim please read her bio below:

Kim Tran, Registered Acupuncturist

Kim Tran, Registered Acupuncturist

All my life I knew I wanted to be a healer.  I’ve always felt much attuned to people’s energies, and making people feel better was just so natural to me.  I was drawn to Chinese Medicine in high school, when I chose to do a research project on Acupuncture.  It was amazing to me to learn that our bodies could provide its own healing with a little help from tiny needles.  I was truly mesmerized by the list of ailments that could be treated with Chinese Medicine. How is it possible that Acupuncture could help with so many things such as; pain, infertility, headaches, addictions and mental issues? Chinese Medicine called out to me. Through intensive training at Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I learned the theories behind the success of this 3000+ year old medicine.

I am happy to extend a helping and healing hand, while our beloved Amanda gets some well-deserved family time during her maternity leave.  I have faith that I can care for you, and help you along your path to wellness and good health.

Kim Tran, HBsc. R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist

Email: kim.besthealthacu@gmail.com

TCM a.k.a The Emperor’s Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is known as the “Emperor’s Medicine.” The goal of ancient Chinese Emperors was to live a long, healthy life and it was the responsibility of the court doctors (TCM physicians) to make that happen.
The strength of a TCM treatment lies in it’s ability to improve a patient’s quality of life and dramatically increase one’s vitality. This is why Chinese Medicine works so well to treat any kind of chronic condition such as arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, gynecological issues, migraine, depression, anxiety….and the list goes on.
Want to know if acupuncture can help you? Just ask! I’m available for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation 647.299.4631

Welcome The New Year! Happy 2016!


As we reflect and reminisce on 2015, we joyfully look forward to the year ahead. With the start of a new year, many people resolve to make lifestyle changes (improve diet, exercise more, stress less). In order to be successful at accomplishing your goals, it is important to make small, SUSTAINABLE changes to your routine that will become permanently integrated into your lifestyle. Start small, for example, by removing sugar from your morning coffee. Once you have completed that move onto to bigger changes – commit to bringing your lunch to work for an entire week (no take out food!). You’ll notice that these small changes add up to a huge difference and will give your more confidence to tackle bigger obstacles in your life. Remember, you are in control of your life and you decide how you want to live it!

Wishing you a successful, prosperous and healthy 2016!

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Colds and The Flu This Winter

The “Flu” is NOT a season… Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are seasons…Flu

This time of year we hear constant advertisements on the radio and T.V about how to prepare for “Flu Season” by getting a flu shot. Unfortunately, if you read the news you will learn the flu vaccine “offers most people virtually no protection against the strain that’s causing the lion’s share of the illness this year, H3N2” (Read HERE for complete article). The good news is that there are many other things you can do to stay healthy this Winter and prevent any cold or flus!

The Top 3 Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu:

1. Frequent Hand Washing – you must wash your hands a minimum of 5 times per day in order to prevent spreading viruses to yourself and others.
2. Adequate sleep – you need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep per night to keep your body’s defense systems strong enough to combat anything you come in contact with. A tired, depleted body is vulnerable to catching colds and will require a longer recovery time.
3. Moderate Exercise30 minutes per day of moderate exercise will boost your immune system. Examples of moderate exercise you can do in the Winter include: joining a mall walking club, aquafit at a community pool, joining a gym or attending a fitness class.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is a fantastic way to naturally boost your immune system. Plus, you get the added bonus of increased energy, elevated moods, better quality sleep, better digestion, reduced stress and increased mental clarity. Call to book an appointment: 647.299.4631 or book online



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A patient reflects on her experience using acupuncture to quit smoking and prevent miscarriage.

I began seeing Amanda last February to help with quitting smoking, after trying so many methods over the years I was very skeptical  at first. Little did I know that less than a month later I would be a non-smoker and am glad to say am still not smoking today. In addition to regular sessions with Amanda, she provided me with ‘ear buds’ to assist with the craving and/ r when I was having a weak moment. After all of my failed attempts, it was my acupuncture sessions designed especially for my needs that helped me quit my awful habit.

After successfully quitting smoking, Amanda had adjusted my sessions to assist me with pregnancy – before pregnancy and in its early stages. Having suffered two miscarriages I wanted my body to be in its best possible condition to lessen my chances of this happening again. Having already had one beautiful and healthy daughter, I knew that it was possible and believed strongly in the power of acupuncture! I am happy to say that I am now a mother to TWO beautiful girls and I truly believe that Amanda and her skills made all the difference. I am not sure I would have been so lucky if I wasn’t receiving her treatments.

Thank you Amanda !!