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Happy 5th Anniversary To Us!

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Thank you for 5 amazing years! This January we are celebrating five years of Best Health Acupuncture Clinic!!!! From our humble beginning in 2011 when we only offered treatment 2 days a week, the demand for acupuncture in the Vaughan … Continue reading

TCM a.k.a The Emperor’s Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is known as the “Emperor’s Medicine.” The goal of ancient Chinese Emperors was to live a long, healthy life and it was the responsibility of the court doctors (TCM physicians) to make that happen.
The strength of a TCM treatment lies in it’s ability to improve a patient’s quality of life and dramatically increase one’s vitality. This is why Chinese Medicine works so well to treat any kind of chronic condition such as arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, gynecological issues, migraine, depression, anxiety….and the list goes on.
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Welcome The New Year! Happy 2016!


As we reflect and reminisce on 2015, we joyfully look forward to the year ahead. With the start of a new year, many people resolve to make lifestyle changes (improve diet, exercise more, stress less). In order to be successful at accomplishing your goals, it is important to make small, SUSTAINABLE changes to your routine that will become permanently integrated into your lifestyle. Start small, for example, by removing sugar from your morning coffee. Once you have completed that move onto to bigger changes – commit to bringing your lunch to work for an entire week (no take out food!). You’ll notice that these small changes add up to a huge difference and will give your more confidence to tackle bigger obstacles in your life. Remember, you are in control of your life and you decide how you want to live it!

Wishing you a successful, prosperous and healthy 2016!